ELDORA ARIA 9kW Specchio

• this space-saver stove can be installed with its back flush against the wall and has been designed for corner installation, offering a double view of the fire
• steel structure available with various claddings
• the door features a single pane of glass with a hide-away handle
• ceramic glass (800°) featuring our air wash system
• 400 m3/h tangential fan adjustable to various speeds
• digital LCD panel and remote control
• operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
• the stove can be connected to an external thermostat
• room temperature probe controls the set temperature
• designed for our Connection Box
• burn pot in very thick cast iron
• large ash pan
Star Valve pellet-feed system
• designed for a rear or side flue gas outlet
• combustion air ducted from outdoors

Technical Specifications
Energy class A+
External Dimentions - Weight 62x49x110cm - 170Kg
Level of environmental performance ****
Efficiency at nominal heat output 90,43 %
Efficiency at reduced heat output 92,31 %
Nominal heat output 9,09 KW
Total Thermal Power 10,05 KW
Fuel hopper capacity 15 Kg
Hourly fuel consumption 0.663 - 2.05 kg/h
Maximum operating autonomy 22 h
Reduced heat output 3,0 KW
Exhaust outlet fitting ø 8 cm
Exhaust outlet location Back part of the device & Upper part of the device
Hot air outlet location Upper part of the device


  • Product Code: 80.5708720+89.2005180
62x49x110cm - 170Kg
Energy class A+
  • ELDORA ARIA 9KW Specchio
  • ELDORA ARIA 9KW Marmo Serpentino
  • ELDORA ARIA 9KW Metallo
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