• Ecomonoblocco WT 66F Frontale

• firebox in very thick Thermofix;
• the combustion air can be taken directly from outdoors;
• accurate combustion management and control by adjusting primary/secondary air;
• heats by natural convection and radiation;
• sturdy sliding door system that makes the door glide smoothly open;
• glass can be tilted by 40° for cleaning purposes;
• post-combustion system;
• removable ash pan;
• by-pass valve expels flue gases when the door is opened;
• manually sliding door;

Technical Specifications
Energy class A+
External Dimentions - Weight 80x61x172cm-335Kg
Level of environmental performance ****
Efficiency at nominal heat output 85,8%
Nominal heat output 10,3 KW
Total Thermal Power 12 KW
Hourly wood consumption 2,98 Kg/h
Exhaust outlet fitting Ø 20 cm

Ecomonoblocco WT 66F Frontale

Energy class A+
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  • Ecomonoblocco WT 66F V10 Frontale
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